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Booking Terms

We endeavour to ensure that all our customers have complete satisfaction no matter what their requirements are. It should, however, be understood that we are acting on behalf of the supplier of the travel product specified and that all bookings are accepted on the following conditions:-


In these conditions:-

"package" means the prearranged combination of at least two of transport, accommodation and other tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation and accounting for a significant proportion of the package when sold at an inclusive price. The submission of separate accounts for different components shall not cause the arrangements to be other than a package and the fact that a combination is arranged at your request and in accordance with your specific instructions (whether modified or not) shall not of itself cause it to be treated as other than prearranged;

"travel product" means packages and any other travel related products including (without limitation) flight, rail and coach tickets and insurance;

"Operator" means any person who organises travel products and sells them or offers them for sale through The Global Travel Group PLC or (where The Global Travel Group Plc is acting as the operator) The Global Travel Group Plc.

Words denoting the singular include the plural.


We act on behalf of The Global Travel Group Plc in connection with the sale of travel products and unless specified as the operator The Global Travel Group Plc is an agent of the operator concerned. Accordingly, there is no direct contractual relationship between you on the one hand and us or (unless it is acting as the operator) The Global Travel Group Plc on the other hand. All bookings accepted by us and arrangements made by us are subject to the terms and conditions of the operator concerned and we have no direct contractual liability to you in connection with the travel product specified except as may be imposed by law.


A non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking and the balance is payable 10 weeks before regardless of the terms and conditions of the operator concerned.


In the event that you do not pay for the travel product specified within the time limits specified above we reserve the right on our own behalf and on behalf of The Global Travel Group Plc and the operator to cancel your booking of the travel product on your behalf, or not to confirm the final booking with the operator, in either case without further notification to you. If this occurs then the initial deposit will not be refundable and the balance of any further money paid by you for the travel product will be dealt with in accordance with the operator's terms and conditions and any applicable law.


The receipt/invoice is your final account and no further reminder regarding payment will be sent.


Where The Global Travel Group Plc is acting as the operator in respect of the travel product specified we will provide their Tour Operator Terms and Conditions relating to the booking upon request at any time. Or view them at this link:-

6.1 Alterations

The Global Travel Group Plc reserves the right to cancel or make a material alteration to a travel product:-

(i) for any reason whatsoever prior to the day on which payment of the balance of the price becomes due; or

(ii) for reasons of force majeure at any time prior to departure.

"Force majeure" means circumstances where performance and/or prompt performance of the contract is prevented by reason of war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disasters, fire or adverse weather conditions and other similar circumstances beyond the control of The Global Travel Group Plc.

6.2 Late Arrivals / Delays

6.2.1 It is your responsibility to arrive at all departure points at the time specified in the tickets and/or itineraries supplied by The Global Travel Group Plc. You must check in 3 hours for international flights, 2 hours for European flights and UK domestic. If you are booking car parking, coach, rail tickets etc to coincide with your travel arrangements, we recommend booking flexible tickets in case the flight details or times should change. This can

happen at anytime up until departure and is outside our control. We do not accept responsibility for the consequences of late or non-arrival as specified above.

6.3 Passports, Visas, Health Requirements and Driving Licences you are responsible for the provision of necessary valid documents including visas.

6.4 Insurance

We reserve the right not to accept bookings from clients who are not insured against such holiday or travel risks as we may from time to time specify.

6.5 Health

Prior to travelling abroad, you are advised to study the information given in DHSS Leaflet "Protect your Health Abroad" which is available on request. You should also speak to your Doctor for advice on vaccinations and personal advice.

6.6 Complaints

Any complaints in respect of the travel product specified must be made in writing within 28 days of the end of the holiday or journey concerned. Please contact the hotel, airline, ground handlers or tour operators local agents whilst in resort as they me able to resolve any complaint or dispute. As retail agents for our suppliers we will pass your comments to them and forward to you their written response.

6.7 Liability

6.7.1. In respect of the sale by The Global Travel Group Plc of any travel product The Global Travel Group Plc will, subject to the provisions of this clause 6.7 accept liability in respect of the following:-

(a) where the services contractually agreed to be provided by The Global Travel Group Plc prove to be deficient or if they are not of reasonable standard, regardless of whether such services are supplied by The Global Travel Group Plc, its employees or agents of its suppliers; and

(b) Where you can prove negligence in the provision of services contractually agreed or arising out of an activity which forms part of the travel product provided by The Global Travel Group Plc or any act or omission of The Global Travel Group Plc's employees, agents or suppliers resulting in death, bodily injury or illness to the person signing the booking form and/or any other of the persons named on it.

For the purposes of this clause 6.7 "suppliers" shall mean any car rental, taxi, coach operator, property owner or any other person supplying services to The Global Travel Group Plc whilst acting within the scope of or in the course of their employment by The Global Travel Group Plc but shall not include carriers.

6.7.2. Except as provided in clause 6.7.1. The Global Travel Group Plc shall not be liable in respect of any loss or damage howsoever arising other than as a result of its own negligence.

6.7.3. The liability of The Global Travel Group Plc, if any, pursuant to clause 6.7.1. shall be subject to any limitations provided by relevant international conventions in respect of air, sea and land carriage and to any limitations allowed under common law.

6.7.4. All baggage and personal possessions remain at all times and in all circumstances at the owner's risk except where The Global Travel Group Plc is proved not to have used due diligence in looking after them.

6.7.5. Nothing in this clause 6.7 shall render The Global Travel Group Plc liable in respect of any loss or damage arising from an event of force majeure (as defined in clause 6.1).

6.7.6 The conditions imposed by all carriers (where applicable) shall be deemed to have been accepted by you and are available upon request from the carriers.